All-New Genesis GV80

The GV80 marks the first time an SUV is being added to the Genesis lineup. This vehicle combines styling, performance, and practicality all into one package. The GV80 comes standard with a 2.5T RWD setup, with an optional 3.5 twin-turbo AWD variant available as well. With the GV80, Genesis is bringing both agile handling and a smooth, quiet ride to the SUV segment. The GV80 boasts 2nd-row rest mode, 3rd-row seating, striking looks, a large array of tech, and new class defining driver assistance and safety features. Combining all of this together results in a truly exciting driving experience that feels fresh. With pre-orders starting, you can be the first one to bring the new stunning looks and features of the GV80 to your neighborhood streets. Don't miss your chance to pre-order the GV80 now at Napleton Genesis!

Napleton Genesis is now accepting reservations for the all-new GV80. Click below and submit your reservation today!

Pre-order the GV80Genesis GV80 Interior
Upon entering the GV80 people quickly realize, the attention to detail that went into designing and creating the inside of the vehicle. Between the Nappa leather seats, the elegant genuine wood trim, the slim air vents and of course the 14.5 inch ultra-wide infotainment touch screen, drivers will quickly feel at home in the new GV80. The infotainment screen controls Navigation, Media, Phones, and Radio features. The screen can also be accessed by using the Genesis Touch Controller located on the center console. Slightly below the infotainment screen is a touch controlled climate control system. All the controls needed are at the palm of the drivers hand. Moving to the back of the vehicle, the GV80 allows for 3rd-row seating and a spacious amount of room for any passengers or items one may need. 

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Genesis GV80 Pre-Order
Genesis GV80 Exterior
Genesis is bringing the fresh look of luxury to the new GV80 SUV. The first thing drivers will notice about the GV80 is the impressive and sleek front crest grille. In addition to the front grille, the GV80 has instantly recognizable signature quad lamp headlights. Sitting wide and dominantly on 22" inch wheels, the GV80 has an unmistakable road presence. The 9 different exterior colors, defining body lines, and the proportionally perfect design features also add to the fact that the Genesis GV80 is an absolutely beautiful addition to the Genesis lineup.
The Genesis GV80 Safety and Driver Assistance Features
The all-new GV80 has class defining driver assistance features. Starting with Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist, which allows the GV80 to help the driver in evasive steering for unexpected events that improve defensive driving. The GV80 also comes with a 10 front center airbag system, Heads Up Display and one of its most remarkable features - the Remote Start Parking Assist, which allows your car to aid you in certain parking scenarios. Other safety features include Smart Cruise Control, Blind-Spot Collision -Avoidance Assist, and Highway Driving Assist. All of these safety features culminate to create a safe driving experience for those inside and out of the GV80.
Pre-Order the All-New Genesis GV80 Today!
Say hello to the new face of young luxury and experience the first-ever SUV from Genesis, available soon. Don't wait any longer, be one of the first drivers to bring the Genesis GV80 to the roads for the first time. With memorable exterior looks, impressive and loaded interior designs and a large array of safety and driver assistance features, the GV80 will bring a fresh look to what luxury means to an SUV.

Napleton Genesis is now accepting reservations for the all-new GV80.